Known Issues with the Shakespeare Quartos Archive

  • Registration/Login

    Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Please keep a record of your registration. You will need this information to access your saved annotations. If you have forgotten your login, you will need to re-register.

  • Text view

    Not all markup is fully displayed in this first phase prototype. Download the XML files directly in order to view full markup details, especially as relates to mss annotations and damage. Details about markup choices can be found in the encoding documentation.

    In some browsers, in-line stage directions may display underneath, rather than next to, the line they accompany.

  • Search

    Please note that search will retrieve only full word or phrase results. So for example, a search on "wicked speed" will not retrieve results from Q1 or Q2, where "speede" has an "e" on the end.

  • Zoom

    Is one of the tiles making up your image "misbehaving"? Re-sizing your panel may help nudge the tiles into line.

  • Selection box appearance

    Annotation and Crop boxes appear differently when viewed on IE as opposed to all other browsers. In Firefox and other browsers, they appear as red-bordered, non-filled boxes. In IE, they appear as transparently filled red boxes.

  • Corrupted images

    There are several corrupted images in the 1603, 1611, and 1637 Huntington copies, and we are working to resolve this problem by the end of the week (11/20/09).

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